Scared and Excited

Cities - Cat London V4.00_01_38_09.Still008.png

It never gets old

The feeling and thrill still gets me

After all these years I still get as excited as if it were the first time

Excitement and freight run through my veins

Scared of the criticism and hoping for the praise

Holding my breathe that the little mistake I know aren’t noticed

Hoping that no one calls me out on how they would have done it

Excitement fades and fear creeps in

The negative feeds my narrative in a dark way

Part of me wants to close my eyes

Too late now, the video is playing and the world is watching

Then you hear the “awws” and “wows” from the crowd

Slowly the tense leaves me

I can start to enjoy work

Just as much as the crowd does

Showing my work is gut-wrenching

Filled with fear and pure ecstasy

A glutton for punishment and criticism

But in the end I got what I really wanted, praise

We all want the praise, especially for the things we love to do

Day #162 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.


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