What Other’s Have


Can’t watch those around me
Wonder why it wasn’t me
Where’s my luck
How did they get there before me
I didn’t get that opportunity
Stop being mad about others
Where they landed and where they are
I don’t know the work they put in
I just know the work I didn’t
All the times going out instead of being home creating
Enjoying life and needing a break
When nothing was achieved
Worthless pat’s on the back
Nothing worthy of praise
No real effort put forth
I need to stop being jealous
Don’t envy what they did
Step back and take note of the effort I didn’t give
The lack of initiative I put out
Have to rewire my jealousy
What did they do that I haven’t tried
Where did I let up on the throttle
Take account of what needs to be done
Make a plan to do it
Execute what has been planned and repeat
I will be too busy to be envious
Too busy creating, work more envy less

Day #160 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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