More Obedience


It’s impossible to know

Always second guessing

Uncertain of what is expected

Growth and progress with no reason

Change with no purpose

Guidance with no leadership

Failures with no opportunities to succeed

No path to see how one can rise from their mistakes

Leaders are hard to come by

Often overlooked for not having the tact or kissing ass

Leaving managers and supervisors to take over

There was once importance placed on those who were in charge

Today it’s not because of merit but rather than an opportunity for all

Inclusion for leadership, whether worthy or not

Better not to hurt feelings

At the risk of hurting our future

With no real leaders, the masses will fail and fall from existence

Impossible to know who is a leader

If we never push them

They will never know the failures that lead to success

It saddens me to know

That we value obedience over leadership

Day #159 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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