Isolated From You

I isolated myself from you
Turned a blind eye to you
No longer cared for you
Your memories were dust
I burned what I had left of you
Didn’t bother to wipe the tears
I was beyond mad at you
Hurting you never crossed my mind til that night
I couldn’t stand your presence
All I wanted was to erase you from my existence
I tried everything to oblivate you from my history
Moved on the very next day
New person in my life
New city to roam free of your memories
I couldn’t shake you no matter what I did
I even earsed our friends because it was something we shared
Your name I wouldn’t repeated
I nicknamed someone at work to avoid your name
Lord only knows the lengths I went to
Still couldn’t forget you
You would pop up and with you the hate
Then it happened
You happened, I saw in my city
I almost walked away but instead I watched you from afar
You had the kid
The baby made you happy
Happier than I ever could
You played with your baby and had the biggest smile
It was then that I forgave you
I turned around and walked away
I left you happy that day
I left the hate behind as I walked away.
The only thoughts I had of you were happy
Eventually I would forget what you did
I would move on and was finally happy again
Me hating you compelled me to hold on to you
Letting go completely made me free of you
Even in pain, you taught me the greatest of lessons
To move on, you must let go of the love and hate
To be free, you must learn to forgive

Day #154 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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