Elevator Man

I saw a man in the elevator today

An older man who looked tired and pensive

He worked for the building and he was massaging his hands

I wondered what he was thinking

He looked disappointed with his life

Or maybe just having a bad day

He looked as if he should’ve been enjoying his retirement

Instead, he is cleaning the building’s bathrooms and floors

Was that where he saw himself when he was younger

I felt bad for him, guilty that I was better off than him

Maybe he was at the top of the world and fell

He looked up and saw me looking at him

He smiled and gave me the look that my grandfather would

“Don’t worry it’s okay,” is what his look would say

I wanted to ask him so many questions about his life

The elevator door opened and he walked up to the door to hold it for everyone

I let everyone go ahead of me

As I walked out he smiled and waved

In the end, I smiled and waved back

I was left  wondering what his life must’ve been like

I saw a man today who’s life fascinated me

Day #150 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.




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