Admire The Snow

I step out into the snowy day, the cold embraces me as I emerge from the warmth of my home. A chatoic world looks peaceful and pure again. I take a step in the untouch snow, like an explorer taking his first steps on new lands. I take a deep breath and the air engerizes my lungs. I feel completely awake from that single breath.

The city around me still quiet and asleep. Faint sounds of people making there way outside. In the distance someone plowing snow. Still I admire the peacefulness of now. Knowing that it will soon be broken by sirens, cars stuck in the snow, neighbors arguing about parking and an everlasting list of other problems. The innocence on the ground will soon be corrupted by the coldness of people. I feel warmer now standing in the snow then I do among them.

In these few moments I learn to appreciate what has escaped me and that is simply time. The time to enjoy the small things. Big moments will always be captured by others, but the small things are meant just for you. As the world around me rushes to start their day, I take the time to admire the beginning of mine.

Day #144 SJD

Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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