What Was That

A beat

Then silence follows

I look for the source but nothing

I continue my day

Then another beat, this time a pattern

Where’s it coming from

Step into the hallway but completely silent

I look around, nothing

Head back to my desk, there is it again!

This time I chasing the source down

I turn the corner as the sound fades away

Still nothing but silence again

The beat again, the pattern keeps growing

I try to search for it, there it goes again

Down the hall

Am I chasing the sound or is it chasing me?

I run down the hall

Sprinting getting closer to the sound

I turn the corner and run right into a chair

Slam into a wall, and drop to the ground

On my back, I look at the ceiling

Now I can hear the beat again, this time is not stopping

It was all in my head

I need a vacation

Day #132 SJD

Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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