What’s So Great

I stare and watch

The world around me is screwed

People pretending to be homeless, as not to work

While the actual homeless wish they could work

Sex is celebrated over love

Raping children gets you a full pension from the church

Carrying a dime bag gets you a prison sentence

Forever labeled a drug criminal, while the pedo is labeled a servant of God

I don’t know if I like their God

People bitch about their lives

Do nothing to change their circumstance

It’s privileged people over justice

Laws are made to protect businesses

The people pay for those laws

Courts are a joke

They don’t deliver justice

Just technicalities that set the guilty free

What’s so great about a corrupt system

It spies on its people

Lies to its people

Divides its people

They do it all supposedly for the people

The land of immigrants that hates immigrants

The 13th Amendment, Lines of Credit and debt are all modern forms endured servitude

You can get charged 33% for borrowing money

The banks charge you for taking care of your money

So who looks out for the people?

Militia have been banned because the police protect the people

I don’t remember the last time the police were for the people

They murder and it’s called justified defense

When you don’t know who to trust, criminal or cop?

Then you know the world you find yourself in is fucked

What good is National pride when your history is full of genocide

Some people have a weird definition for what they consider great

Day #127 SJD

Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.




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