Strong and Stern

Her look could kill

It could make you hang your head low in shame

Never knew what she was thinking always so quiet

She could stop you dead in your tracks just with her presence

I’ve never felt greater disappointment than when getting her attention

Few praises were given, but better no reaction

She had a way about her, strong and stern

Always on my best behavior when we went to her house

It wasn’t as bad me getting the look from her

As doing something that would cause my mom to get the look instead

When we got home, my ass would pain for the those mistakes

Still if my parents ever got out of hand with me she would do the same to them

At times she was my greatest advocate and hero

She was quick to interject her opinion

She questioned things that weren’t and didn’t feel right

Logic and common sense we here Superpowers

Always arguing to win, she could’ve been a lawyer

When younger I questioned whether she loved me

Looking back I knew she did

She just didn’t take any bullshit from anyone

Grandkids included

I now know where my attitude comes from

Wish I would’ve spent more time with the old lady

Learning about her life

I took her lessons and grew from there

Strong and stern was this old lady, my grandmother

Day #125 SJD

Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.



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