Wrong Is Right

Being wrong can be an opportunity

To error should not be a sentence

It creates the opportunity to learn from your mistake

Realize we don’t always know everything

Getting it wrong shouldn’t enrage us to fight those who were right

Thank them for showing you something you didn’t know

We put on a stigma on being wrong

Like a great crime has bee committed

That must be severely punished

Making it about learning and growing

Don’t crucify the person for being wrong

Uplift them to learn something new

Be humble when someone makes a mistake

That was you once and will be you again

If for some reason that person becomes something other than thankful

They become spiteful, bitter, angry, mad or even vengeful

Then you tell them kindly, “Well go fuck yourself I was trying to be humble.”

Some people don’t deserve kindness

And it’s okay to be wrong

Day #116 SJD

Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.


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