I’m The Reason

A disease exist that cripples me

It hinders me from trying

Causes me to not take chances

I miss moments and opportunities

Spending too much time thinking of what could be

Look for all the things that could go wrong

Instead of visualizing if it all goes right

I grow jealous of others who have done it with less

It continues to elude me why I care so much

So much that I don’t take the leap

I’m a coward in the face of my future

I trick myself into thinking I shouldn’t

Need to start by saying why I haven’t

I’m the reason I have failed, without even trying

In my mind, I have defeated myself

In reality, I stand on the line

Thinking could be my worst enemy if it keeps me from doing

Today I will stop thinking

Taking chances without a second thought

Compelling myself to act

If I fail at least I tried

Which is better than failing, by never taking a chance

I will succeed just by trying

Do more, think less

The motto for my new shirt

Day #112 SJD

Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.






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