Pocket Check

Must pocket check myself before I leave the house to make sure I’m not forgetting anything.

Wallet, keys, phone, and bag.

All set, down the stairs I go, today will be a good day.

I will make it on time to the audition, with time to spare.

Get outside and my car is blocked in by the wife’s car.

Now I have to go back upstairs to get her car keys and swap the cars.

I run up she is still sleeping and so are kids.

Grabs the keys and back outside we are.

Swap out the cars and head back upstairs to return the keys.

As I get there the baby is waking up.

I put the keys in my pocket and pick her up.

She giggles and laughs that daddy picks her up.

Wife is up now and I hand her the bundle and rush out.

Still more than enough time.

I get to the park and ride. I get out and do another pocket check.

Oh, wait I have her keys in my pocket.

No, God No! Fuck I jump back in the car, so fast I crack my head on the door frame and almost fall out of the car as my bag gets stuck on the door.

I jump in with backpack still on.

I rush back home.

She will need her keys to start the car and drop off the kids.

Speeding through the highway with little traffic praying that the traffic is as bad on the way back.

Finally, pull off the highway and a few blocks from home.

Phone rings, it’s her.

Pick up and tell her I have her keys and we will meet outside.

Pull up and she is coming outside I get out and hand her the keys and given everyone a goodbye kiss.

Back in my car, I go.

I fly down the streets back to the highway.

I turn on to the highway and stand still, what an accident, construction or what!

I try to reverse but just as I look back there is a car behind me.

Stuck until the next exit.

Always pocket before your leave.

I guess I will be late for another audition.

Day #109 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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