Create Like Life Depended On It

I need to create 

Embrace the process

Realize what’s lingering in my mind’s eye 

I will choose the medium to be absorbed 

Let the creation take shape 

Whether it’s embraced by a million or one 

Make it with the same passion 

Equally, feed the beast 

The negativity and positivity 

Find the balance 

Use that fire of imagination 

The world will stand back to watch you work 

Make it epic

Worthy of carrying your name 

Fuck the bar society set

Destroy the bar 

Let them create a new measure for talent 

Make it so amazing even the God’s can’t ignore it 

Don’t worry about perfect instead make it legendary 

It’s okay to die for a creation 

Now they will see what I can do 

Create as if it were life 

Make it my heartbeat, my soul the very essence of existence 

Today I create for a living 

So tomorrow when I die 

My creation will be my legacy 

Eternity awaits through my creation 

Eternity watch out 

Here I come 

Day #108 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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