Paralyzed Dreams

A woman stares out of the 26th floor of her office building

She looks at the park below her

In one hand she has a phone 

In the other, a folder of documents shes working on

Below, the world she dreamed of being part of 

A young lawyer once with the vision to fight for the voiceless 

Now working as a Corporate lawyer just filing injunctions 

How far from her dream has she fallen 

On the phone someone trying to get her attention but to no avail 

She doesn’t care, her mind is on the outside world 

Thinking of her dreams that never became 

Slowly the folder starts to slip 

Still, no attention is given 

She failed herself and her future 

What caused her to fall short of her dreams

The answers she knows 

Fear paralyzed her instead of saying no to the job she choked 

She bit her tongue and shook her head yes

There is a dial tone on the phone 

It breaks her daydreaming and loathing 

She looks at the reflection from the window 

Let the mistake stand or does she fix it

The folder slips from her hand 

She lets the phone drop from the other hand 

She walks away 

Off to find the dream she misplaced 

Fear be damned

Day #107 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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