Driving Addiction

Ever drive just to drive 

On those cool summer days 

All four windows rolled down 

Like a nostalgic film on the open road 

Exception no cigarette in one hand for this movie  

On arm leaning on the car door 

Favorite playlist  blaring through the speakers

Just you on this self-mediating drive 

About to overdose but don’t even care 

The mind is going in thousands of different direction 

One part is driving, another is daydreaming, one is analyzing your mistakes, another is trying to sing along with the music 

As if the world only consisted of you

No interruptions 

Just you and your self reflection 

You and your love for live 

How great is that feeling

The occasional cool breeze giving you goosebumps 

Feel alive and let go of the past 

Everyone needs a drive like that 

A different kind of drug that sets your free 

With no destination other than greatness 

You continue to drive and continue to partake in the ecstasy that you are experiencing 

Your mistakes are in the past and fading quickly in the rear view 

Only open road and new opportunities ahead 

Why not just grab the rear view mirror and throw it out the window

Just look forward 

Stick your hand out the window to feel the breeze on your arm 

As if you were a kid again 

This is the drive of your rebirth 

Welcome to the world 

Day #106 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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