Within Darkness

Look beyond what terrorizes me

Stare back at what terrifies most people

Those dark corners of existence where Man’s mind dwells

The deepest and darkest parts of Man’s essences

Those parts that questions if men truly have souls

Thoughts that would make the Devil cry

For those, who doubt that such places exist

At these depths is the inalienable home of the winning spirit

Here Man will justify anything for a victory

Rationalize the death of innocence for the greater good

The death of millions will be overlooked as long as we say we are right

There are dark places hidden in the depths of every Man

This is the place where my mind likes to wander

Here I walk quietly listening to the voices of madness

Here where no sanity exist and we stop appearing human

In the darkness, I can see what the true will of Man can be

So little hope for so many people

No light exist in these dark parts of Man

Day #103 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.





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