Track 1 For Love

Wait, don’t give up hope

She will come

She promised she would make it

Don’t leave without her

Never has she broken her word

You know she will make it

Scared, that’s all you are

The train hasn’t even pulled in yet

No way she will miss it

Just think about anything else

After today it’s just the two of  you

No parents to keep you apart

Friends who keep trying to break you up

Ex’s that can’t stay away

Nothing to break you apart, just yourselves

Look at your watch

You need a distraction start to walk the platform

Think about all the things you will have to do

Make a to-do list in your head

The train pulls in finally

You look at your watch, the train leaves in 30 minutes

A message over the PA system

They are calling you to the service desk

A message from who?

You make your way to the desk, dark thoughts arise

The darkest comes to your mind

She is calling to tell you she won’t make it

You can’t shake the thought

You are shaking as you make your way to the desk

You tell them your name and they had you the phone

Your mom, it’s just her

Mom is trying to stop you

The greatest relief sets in, it’s just her

You tell her off

She tells you that you are cut off from the family

You hang up and walk back to the track

Proud that you stood up and stuck to your guns

Sad that you left your family in such a way

The track is filled with people getting on the train

The conductors telling people where to go

You walk to the middle of the platform, looking towards the entrance

You look at your watch

Where is she?

The dark thought comes back

Suddenly you feel a tap on your shoulders

You turn around, it’s her

“Thought I wasn’t coming! Come on let’s go!”

She grabs your hand and leads you onto the train

She brings you to her seat and you both sit-down

Holding each other’s hand and her head on your shoulder

You plan your future as the train pulls away

The greatest love story has begun

Day #101 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.




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