Rainy Day Tears

I love the rain 

It’s a cleansing experience to stand in

Let go of your worries as they drip off your body 

The water cooling you off from the day

Forgetting that this world can be cruel

The raindrops peck at your face 

It’s a celebration and a cleansing 

The negative leaving 

Bad thoughts passed off to the ground 

All the bad that has plagued you 

Shattered with it hits the ground 

A feeling of rebirth

Not a new you but rather a better you

One that has learned from their past 

It washes the bullshit away and takes the mask off your face

You are free to be you in the rain

That’s when you hit the ground crying out of pure happiness 

Let the rain wash away all that troubles you have

It’s cool embrace will make things better 

They can’t see your tears in the rain 

Let it out and off your chest

Let your tears hide among the raindrops 

I love the rain it lets me cry and not be ashamed 

Day #94 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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