Enamored With Story

I sat sadly at my computer

Not because I could not write anything

Instead, because I could not stop writing 

The story poured out of me

I didn’t know the next letter or word

Like a reader, I watch the screen as the words appeared 

Reading them for the first time

My writing mind and my conscious were not connected 

It was a surprise to me 

My eyes were pulled to the screen

Wanting to know what happened next 

What did he say? 

Who was responsible?

Where was this taking place?

Answers pouring out on the screen as fast as I could read

I was moved by the voices echoing from the story

In love with the people who I had met 

Was sad when the story ended 

Because I hadn’t felt like that in a long time

Sad for the people in the story that I was rooting for 

They didn’t make it

All a shock to me

My fingers on their own path

A writer possessed I was  

Happy to have been alive to read it

Sad because the story ended

Now I move on to the next story to write

Day #93 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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