Where Did The Work Go

Little do we know how much we can take

People would rather surrender than push through

Pain is not welcomed, it’s feared

It’s in pain that we grow and learn

All abandon the plan if they don’t see results right away

Lacking the determination to see till the end

Many of would rather talk about their plans than ever execute them

Others rather never start than face failure if it doesn’t work out

Not knowing that failure leads to success, but only if you see it through

Greatness never came overnight

Nothing worth wild ever happened without effort

We too often believe that things won’t happen for us

Because it requires too much time, effort and work

There once was a time when we believed that hard work came first, then you enjoyed the success

Now we live entitled to believe that the hard work doesn’t apply to us

Nothing will happen without the first step, that is to get to work

No success happens without the work

Work first, fail second and work again some more

Keep repeating this formula and in between, you will find success

Day #91 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.




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