State of Affairs

Disregard the words of others

The idea that what society approves it correct

That what laws allow is humane

No ideology is perfect and therefore worth questioning

Those who dream of perfection are flawed

We chase the bars set by others, who were never shackled

Follow rules that never made sense, not even when they were created

Archaic wife’s tales to scare the masses into submission

An education system not meant to enlight you, but to better program

Laws not for the people but to protect the interest of certain people

We talk about justice but our system is set to protect the guilty and punish their victims

The foundation of a nation built on the acceptance of genocide

Wars sustained to keep the economy healthy

Hard to defend such a nation

Difficult to keep the allegiance

Promises to a liar, aren’t worth keeping

Oath to those who aim to deceive and enslave you must always be broken

A broken system must be shattered and started again

Day #90 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.






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