Patiently Waiting

Trying not to fuss 

Don’t want to be demanding 

I watch you from afar 

Being pulled 

From one place to another 

Always on the move 

Something always to do 

Still, I wait throughout the day 

I wait for little moments together 

The small amount of time we get  

Whatever the length 

I will wait for you 

I get up and move

To distract from the wait 

Yet I always return 

To the same spot

You pass by me and flash me a smile 

You haven’t forgotten me

At ease once again

And excited all together 

My time is coming 

I will wait for you 

Grab a quick drink 

Why not have a snack

Have a mini conversation 

Still keeping an eye out for you 

Then it happens 

I hear you getting ready 

You grab our stuff

It’s my time with you 

“Otto let’s go!”

I run to you 

Alison, I’ve waited

Leash goes on and out the door, we go

Well worth the wait 

Off to spend the rest of my day with you. 

(Written for Alison and Otto)

Day #88 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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