To Denisse

Passing through your life 

Forgive my mistakes 

Enjoy my jokes 

May the tears be from joy and not pain 

Hope to be a sail to move you forward through life 

And an anchor when you need someone to hold you while the storm passes 

Please tell me if I’ve failed you 

Yell at me when I’m too much 

I will try to be my kindest at your lowest 

Playful when you are in a slump

There when you need someone to cry on

I may not stay forever

But know it’s not because I don’t want too

Rather death might have a different plan for us

Enjoy me while you can

For we will never know when it will be our last dance

As long as I’m allowed 

By your side, I will be 

I might not say it often 

But know that I’m always thinking it, please

I love you 

Now to enjoy our lives together  

Take my hand 

Let’s make memories while we can 

Day #86 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved

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