Who Said That

Closing the door 

Crack of the lock latching 

Alone in a tiny room, you stand 

Accused of many things 

Convicted of none

No air in this room

Just a stale taste 

The heavy odor of bitterness 

Your head hangs low 

The walls are plain

The windows too high to look out of 

Slowly questioning why you are there 

An unexpected answer

“They don’t understand you” 

You debate your circumstance

Arguing both sides 

Playing both roles 

Questioning why you are there 

Avoid the word crazy 

You’re not crazy 

“You’re not crazy”‘ has said every crazy person

The argument breaks out between you and you

You never thought to wonder why one voice doesn’t sound like the other 

Why one once doesn’t feel like you 

It’s a strange voice 

A voice that can only be heard by you 

You repeat what it tells you

But doesn’t sound like you

It’s all in your head 

But you’re not crazy 

Is that’s true?

You might be sane 

Same can’t be said for the voice in your head 

Listen at your own risk

Be wary of what it tells you

That laughter you hear

It’s all in your head

Day #85 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved

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