Two Shots Fired (Part I)

Walk into a pub

No one notices that I’m there

Make my way to bar quietly

People having their own conversations

Friends making memories

I finally reach the packed bar and wait patiently for my turn

I’m in no hurry to get my drink

Just there meet friends that I haven’t seen in a lifetime

It’s the conversation in front of me that catches my attention

Two men young, clean cut, with groomed beards and nice clothes

They stand out, look out of place

“Hey you know they have a knock-off Old Spice deodorant,” the first guys says

“What its called, is it good?,” the other asks

“It’s called Old Stick and smells a like a Puerto Rican,” the first guys says

“So it smells bad and doesn’t work,”  the other says

They laugh, and the first guy says, “you said it not me”

They crack up as they pay the bartender, who looks at them not amused

The bartender looks up at me a bit shocked

They guys turn and look at me, their shit-eating grins leaves them

I ask the bartender for two shots of whiskey, pull out a twenty and throw it on the bar

The guys move to leave I walk in and push them back into the bar

Tell me if you have heard this one, “What is lazy, criminal, diseased and came off a boat to destroy a nation,” the guys both look at each other and say nothing.

“Your European ancestors,” I say

The bartender puts two drink  on the bar I pick them up

Pretend to drink them but instead, I pour it on their heads

I tell the bartender to keep the change

I turn around because I know cowards and those two won’t do shit

I walk away

It’s okay I didn’t feel like drinking anyways

About to reach the door when I feel a hand on my shoulder

Before I even turn around I use my left arm to push the person away

I swing around at the same time…

(To be continued)

Day #80 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved



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