Far Behind

I compare myself

Where in life I stood

Where do my peers are ranked

Their status in life and work

Imagined success correlated to wealth

I’ve stumbled more times than succeeded

I cried more times than I care to admit

I’ve second guess those cushy jobs that I pasted up

Doubted even what I knew I wanted

Called myself as a daydreamer

A failure and alone would be my final accomplishments

“A Loving son,” Will be the only thing on my tombstone

Over the hill and still no house

Fearing so many things

Blaming others for the lack of my success

Far behind my peers, no signs of catching up

A race it seems, that I will never catch up to

In the end that’s okay

I wasn’t built for a corporate office

Never cared about the 401Ks

Two cellphones and company laptop

Unless I ran that company

I never wanted the white picket fence

Next to neighbors with great credit

I hate being in one place when the world awaits

In this race of life, we all end up dead

So what’s the rush to finish the race

I’ve been down, failed, lost, and cried

Embarrassed myself, lost fights, have gotten lost

In finding my way I have discovered the wonders of life

Losing has taught me more than the wins

I will make my own success from my failures

Run this race of life at my own pace

Remember the life of others won’t make me happy

Nothing wrong with being far behind the pack

If the pack isn’t going to the same place you are

Day #79 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved

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