Help Needed

Alone we can’t

The world is too big to see it alone

Problems are best resolved with more minds, not one

It takes one to start it but many to finish it

Vision’s are seen by one and shared by many

Teams win because of each other

Fighters prepare with others

The best parties aren’t the ones with one person

Families are more than one

If you realize in life we don’t just live for ourselves

We live for those friends we call family

Too often we go at it alone

But no war was one by one man

No nation conquered by one person

If you look at the worlds greatest companies they don’t do it alone

We might have the idea alone, but we won’t accomplish it without others.

Nothing great was ever achieved without some help

When it is time, ask for help

Let others help you with your dreams

Together you will live its reality

Day #76 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved





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