On My Mind

Lying in bed

This part of the world is silent

an occasional car passes my street

I can’t fall asleep

I have the TV on, just background noise

I’m tired but I can’t sleep

I change positions, now on my side

I can see the moonlight creeping through the blinds

Thoughtless and still can’t fall asleep

There is a lingering feeling that something is wrong

It’s doesn’t feel right

Whatever is keeping me up

This my unrest

I want to close my eyes

I would love to sleep.

Don’t want to stay up feeling like this

I want to ignore my gut feeling and just sleep

This is keeping me up, but what is it

Heavy eyes won’t close

I need to make a decision

About what I don’t know

I lie awake

Restless, eager and confused

In sleep, I might dream of what is bothering me

But I fear I will never sleep

I will grow tired and desperate

What is on my mind?

Day #72 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved


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