The Loss

All to easy to say it’s pain that hits us the hardest

More is felt than just pain

Told that the emptiness will be filled soon

Still, emptiness is not what affects us

Repeatedly hear, “Time will heal all”

Some things aren’t contained by time

They live beyond the construct of time

All the words have been written for what is felt for the loss

Still, the words don’t come close to truly describing what is felt

Even these words will fail to encompass what is felt

We turn to our Gods but they themselves have spent an eternity,

trying to explain what loss is

Accept, for it’s our only choice

Remember them, or they will haunt our waking moments

Taking the first step on your first day with the loss

There is a journey ahead

Growth with the loss

Don’t be consumed by it

Day #68 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved



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