Another Santana Day

Santana walks slowly from behind the door. Making sure that the coast is clear. His breathing is completely calm and inaudible, keeping his heart rate down. All those years of playing hide-and-go-seek have paid off. Instead of stepping lightly he slides his shoes across the floor, so the old wood doesn’t creak. He comes the window closest to him.

He makes sure that he can not be seen from the window, carefully peek-a-boo’s out the window and quickly goes back to hiding behind the wall. Outside of the house, he was able to see two SUVs, one in his driveway and the other on his lawn. In the front walkway that leads up to the house, is a guard who is hold something inside his jacket. He didn’t notice Santana, for two reasons; Santana is that good, and the guard was too busy with nosy neighbors.

Santana leans forward a bit to see out of the window again and can see his other neighbors outside of their homes. Some look to be on their phones. He realizes the neighbors are calling the cops. He doesn’t have to take on these guys just wait them out until the cops to come. He starts to move away from the window. He moves towards the entrance of the room, passing a closet. He hears a creak on the floor. Santana knows it wasn’t him. He quickly opens the closet doors, he lets it swing closed as it creaks. He slides behind the door he was hiding behind.

Santana sees the muzzle of a gun go past him. The weapon slowly moves towards the closet. We see the arm who is holding the gun. Slowly the gunman starts to hug the wall and creep towards the closet. The gunman makes the fatal mistake of not looking behind him as he settles and gets ready to charge the closet in hopes of killing Santana. Santana slides close to the gunman and quickly snaps his neck. Poor bastard never saw it coming.

He catches the gunman before he hits the ground. He notices an earpiece and takes it off and puts it on. “Tango 4, what did you find in the rooms?”, Santana looks down at the gunman. He picks him up and put him in the closet. He puts the body down and takes the radio and gun. He walks towards the doorway and with the gun in hand, he steps out into the hallway. With earpiece in, he can hear, “Tango 6 check on Tango 4,” and a response, “Copy Honor Guard, en route upstairs.” Santana hears feets getting closer to the stairs.

Santana points the gun at the window of one of the back bedrooms.  He lets out three rounds and gets on the radio, “Honor Guard, target jumped out the back window and is in the backyard scaling a neighbors fence.” Santana hears the footsteps suddenly freeze. Then over the radio, “All Tangos converging on the backyard and engage the target.”

All hell breaks loose in the house as bodies can be heard running through the backyard.  From the hallway, Santana can see the back window and guards climbing over the fence. “Honor Guard, I think he’s cutting through to the next block,” static for a few seconds, “Target appears to be out in the open.” Santana slowly makes his way to the staircase. “Tango 1 and 2 get vics and provide support.” Santana hears two people running out of the house and the cars start up. They peel off around the block.

Santana makes his way down the stairs. The house is clear, but the door is wide open. He makes his way to the garage and sees his car has had the tires slashed. His bicycle is hanging from the garage ceiling.

Santana is pedaling down a crowded street and pulls off to the sidewalk next to a store. He puts the bike against the walls. He phone beeps he looks at it. His car service is pulling up. A sedan stops in front of the store, and Santana makes his way to the car. He gets in and off they go. Santana sinks into the backseat and tells the driver, “wake me when we get to my stop,” and the drive nods in compliance. Just another Monday in the life of Santana.

Day #62 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved


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