People Watching 001

The world has a way of showing you the wrong path before it even clues you into what the right one is. I sit on the steps, at the entrance of this park. I watch a world of people pass in front of me, with the majority of them ignoring me, or just completely not realizing that I’m here. My baseball cap sits low as to hide my eyes, as they stalk and follow the strangers around. 

I love to people-watch, to learn about human nature, or lack thereof. We are no great mystery, selfish and self-centered, our interest supersedes the rest. Contradicting what we post on our walls, we don’t really mean that our “hearts and prayers,” are with them. That’s just a line because if we believed that, we’d drop whatever we were doing to go help them. 

I prefer assholes to nice people. Nice people have a lot to hide, asshole pretty much are who they are. They don’t care to hide or probably don’t give a shit to want to try to hide who they are. The rest want to have the appearance of being caring. See assholes will bump into you and say “I’m in a hurry move.” They push past you. They are honest and some of the might say “please,” for the most part.

Not like the two young ladies who got stuck behind an elderly woman, they wore trying to go around her because she had slowed them down. The old woman turns around, “I sorry darlings, I not as quick as I was once,” and the girls give her a shit-eating grin, “oh no worries, it’s fine.” The old lady steps aside for them to pass. They smile back, about 10 yards past the old woman, the prettier one of the girl’s says, “God, that old lady was taking forever. Stay home why don’t you.” The other young lady laughs with her. They act kind, well put together and beautiful, and they were the ugliest people I watched that day. 

“I want to be an asshole when I grow up.” That should’ve been my yearbook book slogan for High School. Maybe I will make a shirt. You will be happy to know I got up and followed those girls with coffee in hand. I caught up to them. I bumped into the young “lady” who was talking shit and said, “I’m in a hurry move, please.” I pushed past as I let my coffee spill on her dress and shoes. I didn’t even look back. The whole time hoping that old woman made it to where she was going, okay.

Day #60 SJD

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