A Dimly Lit Room

A dimly lit room

Sitting alone at a table

In the quietest part of the house, they could find

Removed for the rest who dwell in the home

Even the mice are not welcome

The only thing allowed are their thoughts

For a writer finds the best stories in his own mind

When nothing stirs in the outside world

The inside world could come crashing like a hundred foot wave

With nothing but their own imaginaton to distratct them

The pounding of keyboard can be heard

Occasionaly a couple of moans and groans

Along with the occasional writer talking to themself

It is in that calm, quiet and dimmly lit room

In the writers head where the chaos will come into existence

From their minds, it will be transferred on to the screen

As long as a writer is writing, they will never be alone

In their words, they will leave their immortality

Long after they pass, their words will still echo

Stir in the minds of the next generation of writers

Who will one day find themselves in a dimly lit room, in the quietest part of the house, where even the mice aren’t welcome

Day #59 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved

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