Dreams Vary

I closed my eyes today and I was transported to space. To a time when our star has died and we have multiple onto three different planets, on three different solar systems. We still fight about the same things. Surprising how some things never change.

Other times when my head has hit the pillow, I arrive at a town 80 years ago that resembles my favorite movie Casablanca. I must save a damsel in distress, isn’t that always the case.  To have been born and lived in those times, what a rush.

Other nights I must face a nightmare. When things get really bad I picture the dead. They manifest the worst of me. They represent the demons, ghost and mistakes that will forever haunt me, they linger in the shadows. Sometimes they cannot be seen, until it’s too late.  A zombie apocalypse tortures my dreams, I must survive at any cost. Something I have become too accustom to.

There are nights in which I  have dreamed, but I can’t remember any of it. I only see glimpses throughout the day. Like a quick cut in a film, it’s a flash in my memory as it pops up and then it’s gone. It bothers me not to be able to see it clearly. The images keep showing up for weeks, when I get them I know where they’re from. I just can’t put them together.

I lived in the past with an amazing knowledge of things that the world will never know. In the future, I can see the potential that humanity has, if we could only stop fighting. I have re-visited my past to face my own demons. Have created worlds that would make the lights of Lucas and Tolkien jealous of its existence. Faced monsters that King himself has not yet imaged or even dared to dream.

Dreams are an escape, they are a reality, they are a punishment of guilt, they are memories of lost one and lost loves. I dream in the night and in the day, and any time in-between. My dreams are no different, but they are better. I don’t just dream in my sleep, I dream for a living.

Day #58 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved

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