Eastside Friends

Growing up on Eastside, my friend and I.

We hung around all the time.

Passing the years listening to each other’s laughter.

We would get in trouble.

Use each other as the excuse for our mischieve.

Covered each other’s lies.

The only two of our kind on the block.

We had each other’s back.

Shoplifting together to get the things we couldn’t afford.

Always knocking on each other’s door asking for the other to come out.

Parents didn’t care what we did.

Arguing about comics, videos games, movies, and girls.

Simpler times, simpler friends.

No text, no social media, just two peas in a pod.

We grew up, grew apart, moved away, and the memories fade.

Occasionally I think of my old friend.

The one who I grew up with on the Eastside.

Day #50 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved





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