Red Lights

Palms are dripping with sweat and blood. 

Skin is hot to the touch.

Anger the color of my flesh.

Eyes focused on a single soul. 

Oblivious to everyone around me. 

I stand planted firmly on my ground. 

My vision obstructed by a red tint.

The color of blood was my sunglasses.

I feel hands, tugging and pulling, still, I stand firm.

This man, I don’t know, lying motionless. 

His blood dripping from my fist. 

The tint fades from my eyes.

Why am I standing here?

Who is that guy?

My memory a blank slate.

One minute I’m drinking and laughing.

Next, I see a red light, and nothing. 

Now here with also tears rolling from my face 

The people around me look as if they had just seen a monster.

People tending to the man get him to respond. 

A relief comes over me.

The man is still alive. 

This ain’t me, who did this me.

Day #44 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved

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