Wait What Happened?

They are distractions.

Used to hide the obvious.

To blind us of the real problems.

They shield the corrupt, through scandals of their accusers.

The stories break with massive implications.

Then something tragic happens and we forget everything else.

We forget too easily.

We are distracted too easily.

Our attention is quickly lost on the new shiny thing.

The distraction at our fingertips.

Today’s great story is tomorrow’s back page.

Unless it has personally touched us, we really don’t care.

Never has humanity lacked so many human traits.

The movies are our libation.

Music our drugs.

Literature our psychedelic.

Knowledge no longer has power.

Just another distraction to take our attention away.

Discourse once a way to share opinions.

Now a boisterous shouting match.

Be wary of distraction for they take away from the truth.

Day #40 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved




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