Stand And Watch

I stand and watch,

As the people tear each other apart,

Parents abandon their children for drugs,

The seas and rivers breach to consume the lands, 

Earth’s creatures disappear in a massive genocide. 

I stand and watch,

This nation divides itself further apart, 

It’s leaders rip the fabric of its very formation,

A disease is managed instead of cured and all for profits,

Hungry touches millions and the rest of us throw out food.

I stand and watch, 

People lose their minds over a man kneeling while the stay quiet for racists murders, 

They speak of being like God, but they themselves have no compassion,

As wealth doesn’t pay its fair share, 

A nation tells the sons and daughters of slavery, of indigenous genocide, to get over it but still cry about keeping the history of a defeated South.

I stand and watch, 

As people say they are entitled to power but their husbands made laws that incarcerated innocent young men,

Stations of “honest” journalism pin the people against each other,

Where discourse has changed to shouting and hate speech, 

Credit has become a legal form of indentured servitude.

I stand and watch,

The nation of hope become a nation of hate,

The world embracing the destruction by electing hateful men as leaders,

The sun begins to set on the foundation that once drove this nation to do better,

The chasm of this great divide becoming to great to bridge together. 

I stood watching this twilight zone episode for far to long, our voices must be heard and our home must be saved.

Day #37 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved

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