Alone In A Crowd

Love the solitude that you find in the world’s largest city. On a cold fall day where everyone is bundled. Walking through the crowd of people all in alone in their own world. We all share the streets of this city but we won’t share each other’s space.

My headphones blaring with the beautiful melodies of 70’s Rock, a time of freedom and expression. The guitar riffs and words lifting me past the cluttered city. The existential feeling of being filled with life as your mind is filled with music. Walking among the cold surrounded by even colder people, their lives a mere spec of what they dreamed it would be. Never have so many broken dreams gathered in one place to work so unhappily.

I walk past these city streets looking at the faces in the crowd, most are broken and fewer smile. Wonder if they have ever been happy at any point in their lives. Do they think about those moments as they walk around in this cold world?

I smile but none smile back. Standing in the corner waiting to cross, among a crowd of people, I feel alive, yet I know the rest feel so alone. Crowded strangers sharing the same pain, but they will never know.

Day #30 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved

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