Drawing A Blank

I rise early to produce more.

Though my body is awake, my creativity is still asleep.

My mind a blank with nothing, not even echoes.

Just one spark, one idea that’s all I wait for.

Never has it been so quiet.

Never noticed how dead my living room sounds.

Empty of life this place.

I sit on the couch waiting.

Lean back on the couch, staring at the ceiling.

Finally a thought, “I really have to clean my ceiling fan.”

And just like that, there nothing but silence again.

Starring at a blank screen.

I need coffee.

I get up to make some, cursor on the screen just blinks waiting for my minds thoughts.

I decide to turn on the TV, and I see it on the TV.

Oh, it’s good, there go those wide eyes.

I muted the TV, and completely forget about my coffee.

My fingers trip over each other.

Trying to keep up with how fast my mind is going.

Going from a dripping faucet to a roaring waterfall.

An unexpected rush of life fills the screen.

Voices all shouting, music playing in this once lifeless room.

It’s brighter in here than I remember.

The sun rose while I was writing.

The streets outside fill with people starting their day.

Mine started hours ago.

Time didn’t exist for me while I was writing.

I stop to save and grab my coffee.

This coffee is ice cold, I should make a new cup.

Start the coffee machine and my eyes widen.

Run back to the couch to write some more.

I swear there is something in this coffee.

Day #27 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved


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