We Never Know

We never know

What someone is going through.

What people are thinking.

What makes someone lie.

What makes someone break down inside.

What causes someone to react the way they do.

But you can always count on us to assume.

We never know, why?

Why is hate what we resort to first.

Why can two sides never meet in the middle.

Why doesn’t compassion come before judgment.

Why aren’t logic and common sense more widespread.

Why is it easier to hate, than love those who challenge you.

Why do we worry more about being right than being equal.

We never know, who?

Who is one step from being completely broken.

Who loses more; the person who gloats when they are right or the person who lashes out when they wrong.

Who believes those who say they have nothing else to live for.

Who needs a second a chance.

Who is wearing a mask when they smile.

We must be kind.

We never know who just buried their child.

Day #22 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved





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