This is an addiction and I won’t give it up.

Open the door to my Jeep and get in.

Turn her on, check the gas.

I roll down her windows.

I put on my seatbelt, and search the radio for a good station.

I take the parking brake off and put her in drive.

The road ahead, with no destination.

No highways or busy city streets, I head south or maybe west.

Away from the masses and congested highways.

Onto rural streets and county roads.

Onto where the pavement ends and the dirt begins.

No care in the world, my mind at ease.

Music blasting and driving further away from the chokehold of society.

The wild, the woods, the shore, the outdoors; God’s country as they call it.

This is one of my poisons that I will not give up.

An addiction that I continue to fuel.

Give me a Jeep, gas and good music; and watch my worries fade away.

Day #18 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved


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