Online Friends

We like to say that, “We don’t like confrontation.”

And avoid unpleasant arguments because it messes with our energy.

The irony is we live on a device that encourages the opposite.

You are an online freedom fighter, the bravest of the brave.

Instead of discourse, you write in ALL CAPS and threaten those you disagree because they don’t believe in your ways.

Share your thoughts and compassion online.

In person, we roll our eyes at a homeless asking for a dollar.

Online we share a fundraiser to help a homeless get off the street.

We pound our chest at how we would defend the abused.

Sit drink your coffee, hear a man verbally abuse his wife; quick grab your coffee and walk out.

You don’t want to be part of that bad energy.

We post emojis with tears when we share the story of a dog being abused.

We pull and yank our dog when you walk them because you want to hurry home and charge our iPhone thing.

You attack the cops who are doing their jobs correctly and online shame them; posting videos of the worst of them and labeling them all the same.

Someone is harassing you, let’s call the police to complain.

Talk about climate change; we need to reduce our footprint.

Yet you won’t drink water unless it’s bottled.

Talk about how much dating sucks and no one out there worth your time.

Yet you are always on Tinder dates and brag about sleeping with them.

You say war is horrible and those who partake are pieces of shit.

Let’s find that post after 9-11 where you demanded we send in the Marines.

Facts and logic don’t matter.

If you didn’t read it online it’s no true.

It’s clear your mindset is all over the place.

A moral compass should be on your Amazon wishlist.

Your words contradict your actions.

You are the voice of hypocrisy.

The face of what’s wrong with us today.

You sent me a friend request, I roll my eyes at the idea of adding you.

Still, I add you, why?

Because I want the likes, want to break 10K in friends.

I send you a message thanking you, “Thanks for adding me. Remember you are a King! All the best.”

DING, you replied with an emoji of an arm making a muscle and thumbs up.

I do deserve you as a friend since we are both the same shit.

Day #16 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved




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