Afraid To Offend

I still hold on to what they think.

It hurts my writings and creates doubt.

Whos wrath will I incur if I say this and write that.

I can’t have the world hate me, maybe a few dislike me; I can live with that.

I have to please the reader, that’s who this is for.

What good is writing if no one reads it?

What if they think it’s stupid, too childish, too opinionated or a stance is made.

These were the thoughts I had this morning…

Went round and around, starting and stopping.

Write this word not that, write it like this not that; it could offend someone.

Once again I violated my belief and a rule.

The rule; to write it out, don’t edit and re-work until after you have stopped writing.

The belief; that even if no one reads it you must let them out, those words are fighting to get out,  let them free. You are writing for you; the plus would be if others read it.

I wrote this to remind me, write what I want and don’t judge or critic, don’t fear hitting “publish.”

Write with passion, love, hate, confusion, uncertainty, with tears and pain.

Write with emotions, all emotions are good, they mean you are alive.

Your writings will bring criticism regardless, good or bad, but CREATE GOD DAMN IT!

And don’t forget to exhale when you publish; leave a part of you in your writings.

Day #15 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved

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