My place

My escape lies in the sand.

The ache of my body completely fades.

It eases the pain of my thoughts.

The pain of burden and of the responsibilities.

The sea air fills my lungs.

My breathing is alleviated and my youth restored.

The noise of the busy world, drowned by the crashing waves of a peaceful sea.

Rhythmic beats of the ocean sync with my heart.

The sun warms my skin, the much-needed rays of life.

If eternity was this, I would die today.

It’s the way of the sea to cleanse the soul of broken men.

I let this place accept me as part of it.

I will let my sleep take me.

This place is where I let me guard down.

It reunites all of me.

Not just the cynical me I have let this fucked up world make me, but the me who still dreams.

I leave behind the world, here it’s just me.

No more masks to hide behind.

Here I fall asleep and dream beautiful dreams, no more nightmares to wake me.

No more thinking, no more words, let the ocean take me away from this world.

Day #14 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved




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