Has To End

I remember the feeling of uncertainty, not knowing.

Do I just say what I need to say, and not hold back.

Should I not, maybe give it more time.

See if my feelings change.

I could feel my throat tense, and my body is fluttering.

To decide to leave or stay.

Their smile is welcoming, and I will have to break it.

I close the door and embrace the words that are eating away.

Leaving something good to find something great is never easy.

Uncertain,  will I find something better, or was this the best it could get.

To late to question and doubt.

I asked for it and now must embrace tomorrow.

My heart is still accelerated.

The heaviness on my chest gone,  a euphoric wonder in it’s place.

Today the became my past.

The elevator doors open.

Step out the building take a last look back.

I head home to be at ease.

My job search starts tomorrow.

Day #12 SJD

Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved

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