Mindless Ideals

It seems simple.

You get up, workout, wash up and get ready.

Make yourself some coffee and something to eat.

Get your things ready and head to work.

Some beginning their commute that last hours, and others just a few minutes to their destinations.

You get to your job, make small talk with co-workers and punch in.

You begin your work, answers e-mails, phone calls and questions has they pour in.

Other might look that projections for the day, start the machines and try their best to hit their targets.

Still others open the doors of their businesses and start offering people their services.

This is the routine for the week, with variations here and there, picking up the kids, pets, dinners and other obligations.

The weekend filled with things to do, that couldn’t be done during the week because there was no time.

This is most peoples lives, most aren’t happy with the routine but what are the other options.

Then you rinse and repeat until you retire or die, what a life.

Where is the escape, the exploration, the fulfillment of your dreams and desires.

Is it all a lie you chase, and then you realize all the time invested it was just another way to keep busy.

They call it life and sometimes it makes no sense.

Let me stop here, I have to get ready for work.

Day#10 SJD


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