Not Easy

It’s not easy to write every day.

Some days are better than others.

Somedays you are inspired and the words flow, and at times roar.

Nothing can stop the rush that leaves your mind and is translated by your fingers.

The speed at which your fingers try to keep up is laughable, but they try.

Other days you write something and delete, and then re-write and then delete; and write again only to delete.

Everything sounds so disjointed as if two different people where writing it.

That could be key to something great.

Just write, keeping write and don’t stop to edit, or read, just write.

Write till you are done, then go back and work it.

Tweak what you misspelled, re-work the incoherent sentences.

They all can’t be gems.

Just as we can write masterpieces there will be junk.

You can’t stop writing, write the junk, they will eventually lead to the gems.

It’s not easy to write when your mind has nothing to say.

So write about nothing.

Shit if Seinfeld made a show about nothing; then you can write about nothing.

Maybe your writings’ about nothing will be a hit too.

I leave you will this: write.

Day #8 SJD

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