Morning Air

Another sunrise to wait for.

The moon is slowly descending from the sky.

A brisk cool air, with the morning dew striking my face.

The stars still visible in the sky.

Daylight breaking the horizon.

I take a deep breath, the cool air invigorates my lung.

I feel alive.

The only sounds are that of nature, and my dog next to me.

No cars, people or machines; alone in the world.

Alone with no chaos.

Watching the sun push the night away; while the air energizes life.

I sit on the porch, put my feet up on the rail, coffee in hand.

My dog lays down next to me.

Close my eyes to hear the world, letting the morning  consume my sense.

The hair on my arms can feel the warmth rising.

I take another deep breath and hold it.

Trying to hold it, holding on to the moment.

I exhale and open my eyes.

I can hear footsteps from the house, my dog’s head pops up.

They day has begun, the chaos is here.

Bid this sunrise goodbye until tomorrow.

Day #7 SJD





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