What Do They Say

What are they saying to you?

Are they telling you what to do?

Maybe pushing you to act.

Pushing you towards your breaking point.

Do they walk you up to the line, and then step back.

Only to watch you cross that line, and loss part of your humanity.

What are they telling you when you smirk?

That smirk a child has when they are about to embark on mischief.

Is it something naughty and perverted, or something devious and dirty.

How about when you are depressed, what have whispered in your ear?

Do they embarrass you or make you feel like a failure?

Maybe they tell you the truth, that you’ve been trying to ignore.

What are they telling you to make you depressed?

The kind of depression that eats away at you, challenges you to question your existence.

As if you needed help to questions your life.

I want to know what it is that they tell you.

To see if there is a way to push them back, to make them shut up!

I want to you know what you tell your voices; the demons inside of you.

The ones that are always clawing to get out.

What do they say?

What do you same to them?

I want to know.

I want to know what to say to mine.

The ones that make me think horrible things.

What do I say to keep them away?

I want them to go away.

Day #6 SJD



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