People Watching

Quietly I sit staring at the world in front of me.

I stare at the people just passing by, some that catch my attention.

Watching them has intently has a teenager playing his video games.

I don’t miss a beat, my head is on a swivel, looking for a target to lock on.

The right channel to watch, as if the world were my cable TV.

A beautiful young jogger runs past the screen, my gaze follows her across.

Then I find it, the drama, the tragedy that Aristotle talked about.

She bursts down the path speed walking, the jogger barely misses her.

Behind her a young man trying to keep up.

Looking around trying not to attract attention, he catches up.

She pulls away sensing him getting closer.

Still to far to make out what they are saying, it’s still enough to captivate.

He reaches for her hand, barely grasping at the fingertips.

She lashes back at him, spin around ripping her fingers out of his hands.

Startled he falls back on his heels, almost cowering, expecting to be hit.

I’m sad as the tears on her face chocked me up.

Her heartbroken face red, yelling at him without catching her breathe.

An endless supply of oxygen residing in her lungs.

He is more aware of the attention arising around them.

Now his fear and embarrassment are fighting to see who is greater.

Their inaudible conversation, broken by an off-camera comment from a bystander.

“You tell him!,” support for her cause clearly growing.

His embarrassment has beat out his fear.

She goes to strike him but can’t, she starts to crumple and fall down.

Fighting for air and drowning in her tears.

He goes to catch her, she regains her fight.

She walks away.

He has surrendered to losing her and turns around.

She goes forward and he goes back.

What could he have done to her?

The poor soul that just broke in front of the world.

Did he cheat, lie, leave her at the alter, kill her cat and put it in the freezer.

I realize the show has end for as well, a tear rolls down my cheek.

Life is so much more entertaining than cable.

Day#4 SJD

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